Animal Law Committee Tapes

Even though cassettes are now considered archaic technology, the museum has been hard at work gathering, cataloging, and archiving a box of tapes that recently came into its collection. Of course, the cassettes in the museum’s possession are not made up of the stuff on your average mixed tape; they are the early chronicles of one of the nation’s most powerful animal protection law groups–the New York City Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee.

The NYC Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee is the oldest bar association animal law committee in the country. Since its inception in 1990, the Animal Law Committee has consistently addressed regulatory and policy issues on a local, state, and national level regarding both wild and domestic animals. In addition to affecting legal change in Albany and Washington DC, the group also strives to affect change in the hearts and minds of the public. The Animal Law Committee holds monthly educational programming on a range of animal law issues which are open to the community.

The collection of cassettes contains recordings of the Animal Law Committee’s public programs dating as far back as 1995. The tapes were donated by Jane Hoffman, co-founder of the Animal Law Committee and current president of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. The museum plans to make the library of audio files available to the public in the near future.

Click the cassette image below to play a selected file from the Animal Law Committee collection. The recording is of the committee’s November 2007 conference titled “Protecting the Whole Family: People with Pets Facing Domestic Violence”. This audio recording was featured in the Museum’s “My Dog is My Home: The Experience of Human-Animal Homelessness” exhibition, which explored the difficulty of co-sheltering humans and animals together in circumstances of homelessness.

Access the full list of the NYC Bar Association, Animal Law Committee cassette tapes.

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