Through the generosity of individuals, charitable organizations and corporations, the Museum’s permanent collection is able to acquire objects of significant historical and cultural importance. We continually seek objects for our collection that illustrate the rich history shared by people and animals. Items may fall into the following types:

• Archives (manuscripts, oral history, sound recordings, radio)
• Published and written materials (books, documents, papers)
• Visual (photographs, prints, video, film)
• Fine arts (paintings, sculpture, and other forms)
• Decorative and industrial arts (tools, games, toys, etc)
• Textiles (banners, badges, flags, clothing, costumes)
• Antiquities and relics
• Tracts of historical value

In particular, the Museum is looking for objects that pertain to the following subject matter:

• Testaments in support or in opposition to the human-animal bond
• Religious and philosophical views on human and non-human animals
• Literary works that are concerned with or highlight the animal-human subject
• Societal uses of animals: as companions, for entertainment, sport, food, clothing, and scientific purposes
• Prominent historical figures that have advocated for, protected or worked on behalf of animals (diaries, letters, personal items, etc)
• International, national and local campaigns or organizations that focus on the welfare of animals (legislative bills, declarations, newspaper articles, posters, props, buttons)

Interested in donating an object of cultural importance?
Curious to know if something you own could be used in the Museum?

Please send an e-mail with a brief description or inquiry to The Animal Museum at

The Animal Museum Collections Mission Statement:
The Animal Museum is committed to preserving, interpreting and sharing the history of human interactions with other species. By doing so, we collect archives and artifacts that may have been used to the detriment of an animal’s wellbeing or that may have been or are currently illegal to possess. We believe that it is important for these historically significant artifacts to be preserved and repurposed for educational use only, in order to advance scholarship, public discourse and the public good.

Oral History
One of our goals at The Animal Museum is to become a world-class research institute in regards to animal protection; A place where researchers and the public too can locate and utilize books and documents, as well as oral history interviews, about this important social movement and further explore the shared experience of humans and other animals.

Another equally important objective of NMAS is to document, preserve and share the incredible living history of the animal protection movement.

"Protecting Animals | The Oral History Project" accomplishes both goals. Learn more about our oral history project here.
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