Spring 2017 Exhibitions: Opening Weekend Festivities

The Animal Museum Spring 2017 Exhibitions
Opening Weekend Festivities



Join us for an insightful weekend with the legendary Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, Dr. Stephen F. Eisenman, and the exhibition curators and artists.

Saturday, February 25, 2017, 5 – 8pm. Free and open to the public.
With special guests: SPOM author Carol J. Adams, Dr. Stephen F. Eisenman (author, The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights), and the exhibition curators and artists from BOTH exhibitions. PLUS live jazz music from Stray Dog Song, wine, beer and vegan bites.

February 26, 2017, 2 to 5 pm. $20
Slideshow – Book Signing – Artist Panel

2 to 3:30 PM
“The history of the sexual politics of meat slide show: working with artists, liberating ideas and oppressive images” presented by Carol J. Adams, followed by a Q&A

The Sexual Politics of Meat Slide Show is an evolving one-hour dynamic and challenging presentation that uses images of women and animals in contemporary popular culture to discuss oppressive attitudes. It develops and expands ideas found in The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat. It introduces the concept of the absent referent through autobiography and then systematically applies an analysis of how it functions to explain the animalizing of women in contemporary cultural images and the sexualizing of animals used for food. It draws upon images that have been sent from around the world and is constantly being updated as it tracks changes, regressions, and reiterations of the sexual politics of meat in popular culture.

The Slide Show provides an ecofeminist analysis of the interconnected oppressions of sexism, racism, and speciesism by exploring the way popular culture draws on dominant Western philosophical viewpoints regarding race, gender, and species. It identifies how meat has been a valued masculine-identified protein source and the ways that assumptions about meat eating reinforce a gender binary. It proposes that many meat advertisements are conduits for hate-speech against women and also that they offer ways to encode “whiteness” without being explicit.

3:30 to 4 PM
Break with Light Snacks and Refreshments

During the break, mix and mingle with likeminded attendees and get your very own copy of one of Carol J. Adams’ many books or the exhibit catalog. Carol will be on-site for book signings as will the exhibition curators and artists.

4 to 5:00 PM
“Women, Animals, and Art” Panel Discussion
A rousing discussion with Carol J. Adams, the curators, and artists that address the theories found within the book. Panel moderator: Dr. Stephen Eisenman, author of The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights

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Carol J. Adams is a feminist-vegan advocate, activist, and independent scholar and the author of numerous books including her pathbreaking The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory, now in a Bloomsbury Revelations edition celebrating its 25th anniversary. It has been translated into Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese and French. She is the co-editor of several important anthologies, including most recently Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth (with Lori Gruen). The Carol J. Adams Reader: Writings and Conversations 1995-2015 appeared in the fall of 2016. Her writings are the subject of two recent anthologies, Defiant Daughters: 21 Women of Art, Activism, Animals, and The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Art of the Animal: 14 Women Artists Explore The Sexual Politics of Meat, in which a new generation of feminists, artists, and activists respond to Adams’ groundbreaking work.

She has a Masters of Divinity from Yale University. In the 1970s, she and her spouse, the Rev. Bruce Buchanan started a Hotline for Battered Women in upstate New York. She is the author of Woman-Battering (1995) in Fortress Press’s Creative Pastoral Care and Counseling Series. With Marie Fortune, she edited Violence Against Women and Children: A Christian Theological Sourcebook (1995). She is the author of the training manual, Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence:  Case Studies for Clergy – for Christian Audiences – Training Manual (2007) published by the FaithTrust Institute. She wrote one of the earliest articles theorizing why batterers harm animals, “Woman-Battering and Harm to Animals” (in The Carol J. Adams Reader).

Carol is also the author of books on living as a vegan, including Never Too Late to Go Vegan: The Over-50 Guide to Adopting and Thriving on a Vegan Diet (with Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina), Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian’s Survival Guide, How to Eat Like a Vegetarian Even if You Never Want to Be One.

Stephen F. Eisenman, Professor of Art History at Northwestern University, is the author of eight books including The Abu Ghraib Effect (2007),The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights (2014) and The Ghosts of Our Meat (2014). He is in addition a curator, activist and art critic. His articles and op-eds concerning prison reform and animal rights and have appeared in the Chicago Sun Times, NewCity and Monthly Review, and he is a frequent guest on the public radio broadcast Worldview. His exhibition, William Blake and the Age of Aquarius will open in September 2017.

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Date: February 25 - 26, 2017
Time: Saturday Reception: 5 to 8 pm. Sunday Colloquium: 2 to 5 pm.
Cost: $20 - $25
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