Crazy Cat Ladies

On view starting October 2, 2016

Crazy Cat Ladies. The exhibition you’ve been waiting for.

Visit The Animal Museum in downtown Los Angeles for a firsthand look at the many faces and facets of one of our favorite cultural icons, The Cat Lady.

“Crazy Cat Ladies: Celebrating Kitties and Their Champions,” curated by Lisa Levinson, takes a magnifying glass to the myths and stereotypes surrounding this legendary figure and provides viewers with a heartfelt insight into today’s modern cat lady and gent. Working with dozens of nonprofits, academics and advocates from around the country, we’re defining, embracing, and reclaiming the term “Crazy Cat Ladies” with dignity and humor.

The Animal Museum is located at 421 Colyton Street in downtown Los Angeles and open Thursday (2 to 8 pm) and Friday thru Sundays (12 to 6 pm).

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Many thanks to our curatorial team:

  • Curator: Lisa Levinson
  • Logo and Merchandise Design: Herbivore Clothing Company
  • Advisors: Erica Kelly & Noah Smalls
  • Interns & Volunteers: Katie Anderson, Jena Ashwill, Amelia Brackett, Felicia Garcia, Chad Johnson, Kyle Kneeland, Carly Lake, Maureen Mahon, Lawrence Pierce, Linnea Ryshke, Melina Tafoya, Heather Wilson
  • Videography: Ho Yee Emily Chan, Dustin Dowding, Derek Lieu, Jason Kimball, Seth Webster, Chris White

…and the following exhibition partners: 9th Life Hawaii, Alley Cat Allies, Crow Haven Corner, Dr. Kate Hurley, Edward Gorey House, Feline Underground Network, Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition, FixNation, Found Animals, Goddess Temple of Orange County, Humane Alliance, Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Humane Society of the United States, In Defense of Animals, Kitty Bungalow, Neighborhood Cats, Peggy Larson, The Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles

…and these contributing artists: Karen Fiorito, Glenn Fox, Jane O’Hara, Rob Reger, Randy Shields, Michelle Waters

Add your cat rescue story to the exhibit here.

Teachers: Please find standards-based curriculum for this exhibition here.

Download the official “Crazy Cat Ladies’ exhibition coloring book here.

Dates: On view October 2, 2016

The Animal Museum
421 Colyton Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Museum Hours

2pm - 8pm
12pm - 6pm
12pm - 6pm
12pm - 6pm
Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years


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