Our Shared Experience

The Animal Museum presents exhibitions in its Los Angeles building, on-line and in the community. “Our Shared Experience” is the museum’s first traveling display, which addresses the myriad of relationships and interactions people have shared with non-human animals through the format of a timeline. Visitors can add their voice to the exhibit by contributing a significant date(s) to the display. Below you’ll find the introduction to the exhibit as well as the three informational panels it contains.

Our Shared Experience:
Mystical and Material Animals in the 18th – 20th Centuries

You’re an animal. I’m an animal. We tend to forget this.

Because we “have breath” (animalis in Latin) we get our very own kingdom: the animal kingdom, wholly distinct from the plants, fungi, algae, and bacteria that inhabit the earth. Countless other animals make up this kingdom too, a kingdom of relationships.

Non-human animals are a vital thread in humanity’s social fabric. They’re seen and unseen: in laboratories, parks, zoos, circuses, and farms; in our books, movies, and paintings. In virtually every facet of society’s development, they’ve played a significant role, from the demanding (as service animals in times of war) – to the superfluous (as pelts and fiber in fashion and commerce) – to the artistic (as topics and sources of inspiration) – to the spiritual (as sacrificial offerings and the subjects of religious allegories). And our influence on their lives cannot go without acknowledgment: our alteration of ecosystems, selective animal husbandry, conservation efforts, and the ongoing movement to safeguard their welfare and rights, to name just a few.

The Animal Museum is dedicated to exploring and interpreting this shared experience of interaction and protection, a narrative that has remained largely unexamined and untold in the public sphere and one that continues to unravel at a rapid pace.

Get a feel for what the Museum is about. We invite you to explore the animal kingdom from a new perspective – a historical perspective, a modern perspective, your perspective – in this exhibit which highlights mileposts from the past three centuries.




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