Souls Awakened: The Animals Who Have Shaped Us

All of us who share our homes with them, work with them, or campaign for their welfare have a reason why we devote a portion of our lives to animals. For many of us, we can think back to the exact moment when we looked into an animal’s eyes and thought, “This is a life worth valuing.” Maybe that life was our first dog, or the first horse we met. Maybe he was an animal seen at a zoo that filled our minds and hearts with amazement and wonder. Maybe she was an animal in need, sick or injured, that inspired in us the humanity to help. The Animal Museum exists because of these connections, these bridges between the human and nonhuman animal worlds that touch our hearts and enrich our lives.

In March 2012, we launched an online art and photography exhibit to highlight the various ways in which animals have influenced us. Souls Awakened: The Animals Who Have Shaped Us was a way for individuals and the animals who changed their lives to become a part of the bigger picture. Their images and stories contributed to a larger exhibit on the way animals throughout history have changed how we feel, how we think, how we act, and – ultimately – who we are.

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