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What is the mission of The Animal Museum?
The Animal Museum is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is the first museum exclusively dedicated to enriching the lives of all animals - human and nonhuman - by exploring our shared experience.™ We do this by focusing on animal protection, animal studies (where humans and animals intersect in society and culture), and humane education in our exhibitions, collection, public programming and educational efforts.

Is there a need for The Animal Museum?
The United States has long been a nation of progress, laying the foundation for cultural advancement and challenging historical notions of right and wrong. Sorely lacking in the American or global museum landscape, however, is an overarching testament to our influential living history of animal protection and a unique conduit to discuss the positive and negative intricacies of our relationship with the non-human world.

The Animal Museum, established in January 2010, fills this void and satisfies a critical need in helping us know who we were, who we are and who we can become. Non-human animals are included in the collective “we.” In working towards its mission, the Museum centers around animal studies, animal protection history, and humane education in its collection, exhibitions, programming, and educational efforts.

What is considered animal studies?
Animal studies examines the relationships between human and non-human animals from a wide range of fields, such as anthropology, sociology, biology, religion, and philosophy. Consider that companion animals alone – dogs, cats, birds - outnumber people in the United States by about 60 million and how little attention is paid to their cultural and societal impact. Factor in wildlife and animals used for particular purposes (entertainment, therapy) and we see that there is a wealth of information and a rich history ready to be discovered.

There is tremendous value in knowing our shared history and the role animals have played in shaping society. The Museum’s focus on Human-Animal Studies encourages an open dialogue on our prospects for the future and the advancement of healthy, meaningful interconnections with the animal world.

Human-Animal Studies (HAS) is sometimes also known as Critical Animal Studies or Anthrozoology.

Where are you located?
The Animal Museum is located in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) at 421 Colyton Street. Come and visit us.

The museum also travels the country with its pop-up and traveling exhibitions, guest presentations, and outreaches, and collaborates internationally with noted authorities, academics, and organizations on exhibitions and museum programming.

Interested in donating financially or an in-kind venue to the Museum? Please send an e-mail to, Attention: Carolyn Mullin, Executive Director.

Tell me about your virtual exhibits and programs.
Museums foster lifelong learning, exploration and discovery, inspiration, and social interaction inside their walls, online and beyond. Every year The Animal Museum reaches tens of thousands through its site, Here, visitors explore in-depth online exhibitions, educational articles, and resources for individuals, parents, teachers, and students.

The Animal Museum also engages the public through community programming such as pop-up exhibits, our annual Fall Lecture Series, festivals, children-specific activities, school-based humane education presentations, and the like. We are especially in active in our local region, Los Angeles and surrounding communities, and have partnered with a number of schools, universities, and local organizations to carry out our mission of enriching the lives of animals and people through exploration of our shared experience.

I’m interested in interning with The Animal Museum. How do I learn more?
Interns are a vital part of our team. To see the currently available internships and application process, visit our Volunteer page.
The Animal Museum
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