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The Animal Museum, KPFK's Feminist Magazine, 3/21/17
Contributor Lucretia Tye Jasmine talks with two activists about how veganism is feminist activism at every meal, serving up resistance to Trump. Listen in.

The Animal Museum: Connecting and Protecting Animals, Happening in DTLA, 3/1/2017
The first and only one-of-a-kind museum that explores human-animal relationships and focuses on protecting animals and animal rights. Read on.

Meatless Monday: The Art of the Animal - The Sexual Politics of Meat Reframed, Huffington Post, 2/27/2017
Artist Kathryn Eddy recalls the jolt she got when she first read Carol Adams’ seminal work, The Sexual Politics of Meat. “I had spent years working as an activist against domestic violence, racism, and animal abuse but had kept my art practice separate,” says the co-curator of The Art of the Animal which opened this weekend at The Animal Museum in Los Angeles. Read on.

"The Sexual Politics of Meat" Exhibit Opens in Los Angeles, VegNews, 2/22/2017
Inspired by vegan activist Carol Adams’ book of the same name, the exhibit will showcase art from 14 contemporary female artists that explores the connection between the oppression of women and animals. Read on.

The Animal Museum: A One-Of-A-Kind, Must-See For Everyone Who Loves Animals!, Nardo, 2/20/2017

Los Angeles is the home of many breathtaking museums (The Getty and The Broad, to name just two), but there’s one museum above all that every single animal advocate must see when visiting the area: The Animal Museum. Read on.

The video installation that makes us swim in our own mess, New Scientist, 2/1/2017
A work by Ethan Turpin, on display at The Animal Museum's Entangled exhibition in Los Angeles, forces us to confront the way we have polluted the ocean. Read on.

Reconnoiter, Artillery Magazine, 1/10/17
Carolyn Merino Mullin is the Co-Founder And Executive Director of The Animal Museum whose new space opened December 3rd in the heart of LA’s Downtown Arts District. Read on.

Nearly 100 rescued farm hens find new homes at LA adoption event, KPCC, 1/14/17
Nearly 100 hens rescued from a Southern California egg farm are on display at a Downtown L.A. museum before they will be sent to their new adopted homes. Read on.

Movie Stars and Rescue Horses: The Animal Museum in Los Angeles Opens with Star Power, Equestrio Magazine, 12/21/16
What can bring together A list celebrities like Debra Messing, Jason Alexander, Kevin Nealon, Maria Bello, Rose McGowan and Sharon Osbourne? A new exhibition called Fashion Tails where these stars donated their time to pose with rescue animals in a creative project curated by Eva Danielle. Read on.

Checking Out the New Downtown Animal Museum, Los Angeles Downtown News, 12/5/16
Downtown Los Angeles residents love their pets. People walk dogs on seemingly every block. A string of pet supply stores have opened across the community. The latest indicator of Downtowners’ affinity for animals may, however, be a bit unlikely. On Saturday, Dec. 3., the Arts District saw the formal debut of the Animal Museum. Read on.

Things to do in LA, LA Weekly, 12/1/16
Now named the Animal Museum, the space celebrates its new home in downtown with a grand opening, featuring vegetarian hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, DJ Michelle Pesce, special guests and current exhibits "Crazy Cat Ladies," "Entangled" and.... Read on. 

This LA museum has a crazy cat lady exhibit, KPCC, 11/18/16
Cats rule the Internet, but they also rule the exhibit, "Crazy Cat Ladies," at the new Animal Museum in downtown L.A. through November 27th. "Cat ladies aren't actually crazy. They have an important, integral role to society," says museum founder Carolyn Merino Mullin. Listen in.

Arts District to Get an Animal Museum, Los Angeles Downtown News, 11/2/16
Downtowners love their dogs and other pets. Now, the community is about to get an attraction that shows just as much affection for the non-human set: On Dec. 3, the Animal Museum will officially open in the Arts District. Read on.

The Art of the Animal: Fourteen Women Artists Explore the Sexual Politics of Meat, Antennae, the Journal of Nature in Culture, 8/2016
The Art of the Animal is a visually stunning tribute to the influence of Carol J. Adams’ work, bringing together the writing and art of fourteen feminist animal rights artists who were invited to contribute to an exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of Adams’ landmark text The Sexual Politics of Meat, at Los Angeles’ National Museum for Animals and Society (NMAS). Read on.

Adorable Depression-Era Posters Promoting Kindness to Animals, Slate Magazine, 5/11/16
I first saw these Dennis posters in the online exhibit "Be Kind: A Visual History of Humane Education, 1880–1945," put together by the National Museum of Animals & Society. Read on.

Beverly Hills Residents Turn Out To Raise Funds For The National Museum of Animals & Society, Beverly Hills Courier, 6/19/15
Nearly 300 supporters joined Beverly Hills Gala Committee residents Beth Shaw, Mark Smolin, Gloria Butler, Shelley Traywick, Deborah Corday, Ellen Lavinthal, Kameron Seagren and Annie Winner for a night of festivities to raise money for the National Museum of Animals & Society (The Animal Museum). Visit.

Santa Bárbara celebró a Frida Kahlo, El Latino, 6/14/15
Frida Kahlo fue homenajeada, El pasado 30 de mayo en el Green House Studio, en Santa Bárbara, en un evento llevado a cabo como parte de una serie de diferentes actividades con el fin de recaudar fondos para la apertura del nuevo edificio del Museo Nacional de la Sociedad de Animales (The Animal Museum) en los Ángeles. Visit.

Museum of Animals, The Local, 5/31/15
The National Museum of Animals & Society is far more than just another fabulous, professionally-curated museum with extraordinary, thought-provoking displays intended to enrich the Los Angeles Community; it is a critically impactful next step in the development of a meaningful theory of change and a complete philosophical/academic approach to protecting our non-human partners on this planet. Visit.

For the Love of Animals, Casa Magazine, 5/29/15
A passion for animals and the power of imagination will come together during a unique art experience celebrating the life and creativity of beloved Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Visit.

Becoming Frida, Santa Barbara News-Press, 5/27/15
Women to dress as iconic Mexican artist for museum benefit. Visit.

For the Love of Animals, Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine, 5/24/15
Gear up for very special evening on May 30, celebrating the life and creativity of beloved Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and her affinity for animals as companions and muses. Visit.

Santa Barbara Art Event Benefits Animal Museum, VegNews Magazine, 5/20/15
Vegan surrealist garden party celebrates life of artist Frida Kahlo on May 30. Visit.

Best LA Art Parties This Week, LA Weekly, 3/19/15
Bunnymania! is a two-part, two-venue art exhibition and bunny adoption, with sales benefiting the National Museum of Animals in Society and its planned move to fancy new digs over by LACMA. Visit.

The Underdog Museum, Santa Barbara News-Press, 3/4/15
It's not just dogs that have their day in Los Angeles. For the past five years, the National Museum of Animals & Society has made sure cats, mice and even chickens have had their moment in the spotlight. Visit.

Our History Has a Home, Our Hen House, Episode 27
Our Hen House screens the museum's crowdfunding campaign video, Our History Has a Home. Watch.

L.A. Ivory Crush, Channel 18, 11/6/14
L.A. Museum and Friends To Destroy Ivory in its Collection; Sends Message that Elephant Poaching and Ivory Trafficking Must be Crushed. Watch.

The National Museum of Animals & Society, CNC News, 10/12/14
Opened in 2010, the National Museum of Animals and Society is the first institution of its kind, dedicated to enriching the lives of animals and people by exploring our shared experience. Watch.

Mouse in the House Adoption event, Animal Consciousnessness, 7/13/14
Video by Tom Porter of Animal Conscioussness featuring 'Mouse in the House' Adoption Event w/ Carolyn Mullin, Director, National Museum of Animals & Society. Watch.

New L.A. Museum Draws Attention to Animal Rights, Huffington Post Los Angeles, 7/31/14
The National Museum of Animals & Society, a new museum in Los Angeles, has been featuring an active roster of exhibits and events focused on representing the animal protection movement. Visit.

The Animal Museum named of the best small museums in Los Angeles, LAist, 7/30/14
Opened in 2010, this nonprofit museum founded by animal activist Carolyn Mullin explores the "shared experiences" of humans and animals and to promote compassion for our four-legged and feathered friends. Visit.

Episode 234, Our Hen House, 7/5/14
Julia will shed light on that exhibit for us today, and tell us about some incredible women who were behind the early days of the anti-vivisection movement. Listen.

O meu cão é a minha casa, PÚBLICO, 6/4/14
Este projecto integra a exposição "My Dog Is My Home" que inaugurou o National Museum of Animals & Society, em Los Angeles, dedicada aos "inúmeros humanos e animais que encontraram a sua casa uns nos outros, apesar de terem pouco mais". Visit.

10 Heartwarming Photos Capture The Bond Between Homeless Individuals And Their Pets, The Huffington Post, 6/2/14
The Lifelines project was recently featured in Los Angeles at the National Museum of Animals and Society's "My Dog is My Home" exhibit. Visit.

Touching Photos Capture the Powerful Bond Between Homeless People and their Pets, Feature Shoot, 5/27/14
The series shows the great lengths these individuals go to in order to care for their pets as well as the lifelong bonds and dedication that forms between them. Visit.

한국 도살장서 구조된 유기견 3마리 LA로 입양돼, Radio Korea, 4/6/14
한국의 한 도살장에서 학대받던 개들이
LA 에서 활동중인 한 동물구호단체에 의해 구조돼
미국으로 입양됐습니다. Visit.

3 Dogs Rescued from Korean Slaughterhouse on Way to LA for Adoption, CBS Los Angeles, 4/5/14
Somang, Hyung and Gracie will meet prospective new foster and adoptive families Saturday evening at the National Museum of Animals & Society. Visit.

A Brief History of Humane Education, Defender Radio, 4/6/14
Executive Director and Founder Carolyn Mullin will speak to the history of the museum, its foundations and how it will help create a more humane world. Listen.

Uncooped, Animals & Society Institute ASInsight Blog, 2/13/14
ASI Communications Director, Jill Howard Church, writes about her museum visit. Visit.

The Animal Museum Now Open in Los Angeles, Latham Letter, Winter 2014
The Latham Foundation gives the museum a two-page spread in their magazine. Visit.

Interview with museum director Carolyn Merino Mullin, VEGCAST, 1/31/14
Carolyn dishes on the grand opening of the museum, the Uncooped exhibit, and the collection. Listen.

Exhibit on homeless and their pets debuts, Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, 12/15/13
The Los Angeles–based National Museum of Animals & Society’s first exhibition, titled “My Dog is My Home: The Experience of Human-Animal Homelessness,” opened Nov. 14 and will run through Jan. 5, 2014. Visit.

Exploring the Connection Between the Homeless and Their Dogs, KTLA, 11/10/13
“My Dog Is My Home: The Experience of Human Animal Homelessness,” a poignant new exhibition, was unveiled in East Hollywood on Sunday. Watch.

Pick of the Week, Los Angeles Weekly, 11/8/13
For its first exhibition in its new East Hollywood space, the National Museum of Animals & Society examines these ideas with "My Dog Is My Home: The Experience of Human-Animal Homelessness." Visit.

Los Angeles Times, 10/25/13
A man plays with a dog at the Project Homeless Connect service fair on skid row. The event, organized by the National Museum of Animals & Society and other organizations, offered free dog food, toys and vaccinations for pets of homeless people. Visit.

Christine Kim, My Dog is My Home, The Pollination Project, 9/12/13
This important exhibition is being curated on a shoe-string budget, and the Pollination Project grant will be used to help Christine take My Dog is My Home to the finish line and ready for viewing in person and online. Visit.

Knowing Where You've Been, Animal Voices, 8/13/13
There are museums to preserve the history of the women’s suffrage and civil rights movements, so why not for the animal protection movement? Listen.

Uncooped, A Question of Balance, 5/13
Australian grassroots environmental show interviews our curator of Uncooped. Listen.

Uncooped, Animal Concerns of Texas Radio, 5/26/13
Greg & Tom talk with Carolyn Merino Mullin, Executive Director of the National Museum of Animals & Society, and Abbie Rogers, Collections Manager at the museum. Listen.

My Dog is My Home, Dispatches from the Underground, 4/17/13
Emma Watson, Research Intern with "My Dog is My Home" exhibit, talks about the upcoming exhibition and benefit show in Brooklyn. Visit.

Pets should be part of homeless count, Nashua Telegraph, 3/31/13
Many counties around the nation are reporting lower numbers of homeless people, yet those who work with them on a day-to-day basis do not see a decrease in the number of people needing services. This is because subpopulations within the large homeless population are being ignored. Visit.

Un-Cooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated, My Chickens & Me, 3/8/12
An upcoming on-line show is “Un-Cooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken.” Please enjoy our interview, below, with its curators, Abbie Rogers and L.A. Watson. Visit.

My Dog is My Home, The Bakersfield Californian, 3/4/13
I want to applaud not only The Californian for publishing the Feb. 20 news story "Count reveals 20 percent homeless drop," but all the volunteers and organizations that joined in this year's count. Visit.

Include pets in the next homeless count, Red Wing Republican, 2/25/13
I hope in 2015 the count can include animal family members and show that there is a great need to address and service this sub-population that can be so generous, loving and lifesaving. Visit.

National Museum of Animals & Society and Oral History Project, The Pollination Project, 02/01/13
Oral histories passed down in story form fill in gaps left by the history books while providing other views on the subject at hand. This project was designed to ensure the animal protection movement preserved its history and important stories of the movement. Visit.

REDLANDS: University hosts ‘Animals, Society’ lecture series, The Press-Enterprise, 09/19/12
This year’s Animals and Society lecture series at the University of Redlands will feature three speakers who will address the topic, “On the Farm: Animal Minds, Interests and Welfare. Visit.

Farm animals to be focal point of Redlands lecture series, RedlandsDailyFacts, 09/27/12
"On the Farm: Animal Minds, Interests, and Welfare" will address farm animals' mental capacities, social roles and welfare. Visit.

Ventura library exhibit focuses on humane education, Ventura County Star, 07/02/2012
A pop-up exhibit on humane education opened Monday at the E.P. Foster Library in Ventura. Presented by the National Museum of Animals & Society, the "Be Kind: A Visual History of Humane Education, 1880-1945" explores the history of humane education. Visit.
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