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One of our goals at The Animal Museum is to become a world-class research institute in regards to animal protection; A place where researchers and the public too can locate and utilize books and documents, as well as oral history interviews, about this important social movement and further explore the shared experience of humans and other animals.

Another equally important objective of The Animal Museum is to document, preserve and share the incredible living history of the animal protection movement.

Protecting Animals | The Oral History Project
accomplishes both goals.

In the months and years to come, the museum will be profiling incredible people and their stories and those of the animals they seek to protect. We hope you'll support this project - the first of its kind - with a generous donation and by viewing the oral histories once they're made available to the public.

Bill Dyer (b. 1934)
Our first oral history featured Bill Dyer, Regional Director for In Defense of Animals, in January 2013 in Venice, CA. Watch the very moving taped oral history conducted by historian Kirby Pringle.

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Roberta Kalechofsky (b. 1931)
kalechofsky_thumbRoberta is an American writer, feminist and animal rights activist, who focuses on animal rights and vegetarianism in the Jewish tradition. She is the founder of Jews for Animal Rights and Micah Publications or Micah Books, a speciality publisher of animal rights, Jewish, vegetarian, and Holocaust-related titles.
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